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Xbox Sony Agreement

The immediate concern for Sony was for example its exclusive agreement with Arkane and Tango for their game, Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo. But Microsoft has confirmed that it will abide by the studios` agreement with Sony. Although there is something much more important here, since Microsoft might be able to try to end the “console war” forever. Sony Corporation is a creative entertainment company with a strong technology base. From gaming and network services to music, images, electronics, semiconductors and financial services, Sony`s goal is to fill the world with emotions through creativity and technology. For more information, see: It was a big surprise for Xbox and PlayStation fans. Bloomberg reports that the deal even shocked Sony`s own playstation team, which was apparently not alerted to the discussions. Discussions between companies have been going on since last year, and Sony has begun to show that it is open to cooperation with Microsoft and others. As part of the agreement, Sony will continue to use Microsoft`s Azure servers and data centers for its own gaming and content streaming services.

These are probably PlayStation Now – the sony streaming service that was launched in 2014 after the acquisition of streaming company Gaikai in 2012 – and PlayStation Vue, the company`s internet-based cable TV alternative. Sony has now turned to Microsoft, rather than competitors like Google or Amazon. The agreement between Sony and Microsoft could have been simple to host Sony`s services on Azure, Microsoft`s cloud platform, but the agreement seems even deeper. “The two companies will explore the joint development of future cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure to support their respective gaming and content streaming services,” a Microsoft statement said. “When our content is released sometime next year, all of our games, like a PC, will play this family of devices from top to bottom,” Xbox Game Studios Director Matt Booty said in an interview with MCV earlier this year. The companies also agreed to “study cooperation in the fields of semiconductors and AI,” but the announcement of “joint development of new smart image sensor solutions” suggests that this may have more to do with the Azure Kinect sensor than anything related to gaming. Xbox One games will be played on the next Xbox console. In addition, all original Xbox and Xbox 360 games that already work on Xbox One are played. It also works with all current Xbox One accessories, from game controllers to combat sticks. Xbox Series X is November 10, followed by PlayStation 5 two days later. Both have impressive specifications and remarkable new features. But that`s where the similarities end: when it comes to selling, industry analysts say the next generation is defined by exclusive games, services and different approaches that Microsoft and Sony have to woo consumers.

Perhaps it would be better for everyone if Microsoft and Sony stop selling proprietary hardware and simply accept a supposed streaming utopia where all games are playable on virtually all Internet-connected devices (not to mention lingering concerns about latency, internet infrastructure and costs).