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Wisconsin Intergovernmental Agreements

The agreement can change the limits in accordance with a WisDOA command. The change is based on a detailed plan. The statute allows for the inclusion of a variety of other planning instruments. These agreements provide flexibility for annexation, zoning, revenue sharing and other intermunicipal activities. The NCWRPC can assist in the development of intergovernmental agreements, including border cooperation and planning agreements. Intergovernmental agreements can be as simple as agreeing to joint planning board meetings, sharing police and firefighters, or as complex as sharing tax revenues and redefining municipal boundaries. Two types of basic agreements are permitted under Articles 66.023 and 66.30 WI Stats. Other specialized agreements are possible under various specific laws. The NCWRPC is available upon request to conduct special studies. In the past, NCWRPC has completed studies such as the pooling of emergency services, studies on community regroupment, economic impact assessments and a study on the detention of minors. The framework is the NCWRPC Master Plan for the physical development of the region.

This plan provides a framework for consistency and coordination in the preparation of land use plans for counties and municipalities. The NCWRPC acts as a forum through which different counties and municipalities can communicate with each other on common and cross-border issues. The NCWRPC is designated by the U.S. Economic Development Administration as an economic development district and by WisDOT as a rural transportation planning organization to coordinate economic development and transportation strategies on a regional basis with cooperative efforts to solve local problems. A contract between municipal institutions for the establishment of borders or other common municipal services. Limits are set and the parties undertake either to maintain them or to allow growth to an ultimate limit. Agreements may also contain provisions on revenue sharing. Contact: Dennis Lawrence, AICP, Executive Director 715-849-5510, ext. 304 In addition, the NCWRPC acts as a regional information centre, reviewing all applications for federal and state assistance in the ten-county region to ensure their compatibility with existing plans and programs in the region. .