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Wga Literary Material Assumption Agreement

Send weekly work lists with all busy writers and writers, whose literary documents have been purchased, both to the WGAW Membership Department in 7000 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048 and to the WGAE membership department in 250 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10015. (Article 3) The author`s contract must contain the name of the person or persons who may authorize the author to write. Similarly, the author`s contract must indicate the name of the person to whom the author is to provide the literary material and the place where the delivery is to take place. If any of these items change, notify the author and guild in writing. (Article 13.B.9. Credit (s) credit (s) is included in the entire advertisement if the director or producer is included. A filmography for credited authors must also be included in the standard printing and electronic press files, in the domestic version of the laser disc or DVD or in a website dedicated to the film, if one is included for the director. (Each participating author makes a filmography available to the company`s advertising and advertising department.) Credited authors must be interviewed in press files, DVDs or laser discs for the purpose of recording the material, unless the company has otherwise reported it. (TV plan A) The jurisdiction of the WGA includes all occupations by a company undersigned for the writing of services, options or sale of literary material by “professional authors” to a subsigned company, as well as options or sales of authors that requires the company to treat as a “professional writer” as defined in the MBA. You can use this guide as a reference if you employ authors or buy material. If you have any questions, please contact WGAW`s contract department at (323) 782-4501.

Generally speaking, to report income or payments to the pension plan or health fund, you must sign an agreement allowing the Fund to accept contributions on behalf of your insured authors. Collective agreements define the covered benefits for which contributions are due and the basis for calculating those contributions to the funds.