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Vuw Collective Agreement 2018

This policy is intended to protect the safety and well-being of children under the age of 18 who receive children`s services from Victoria University of Wellington. Effective Date: August 2018 See PDF The Evaluation Manual sets out Victoria University of Wellington`s evaluation policy and practice for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Effective Date: April 2018 See PDF This policy provides guidance on safeguards and procedures for disclosing serious misconduct under the Protected Disclosures Act, 2000. Effective Date: December 2018 View PDF This policy provides the framework for academic travel and guidance on the process of offsetting ordinary, necessary and reasonable travel expenses. See PDF These procedures apply the Sexual Harassment Response Policy and apply to any disclosures or complaints submitted under the Policy. Valid from: February 2020 View PDF This status ensures that staff ensure discretion in managing conflicts of interest and action in accordance with institutional responsibilities. Valid from: June 2011 View PDF These policies describe the process to deal with persistent poor performance. View PDF The directive aims to identify and support suicidal students and provide more effective intervention and support after suicidal behaviour. Valid from: October 2014 View PDF The purpose of this Directive is to define the rules applicable to the expenditure of academic leave allowances. View PDF The directive describes the responsibilities of staff and the conditions applicable to private work.

View pdf The following policies and procedures govern and guide Victoria University`s relationship with its employees. These policies provide current and potential new employees with information about employment at Victoria University. This directive confirms Victoria University of Wellington`s commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment for staff, students and visitors. Valid from: April 2016 View pdf This policy outlines the BCM framework, responsibilities and principles for effectively preparing and achieving strategic objectives in times of major crisis. Validity date: March 2010 View pdf This policy is responsible for ensuring that accurate records of university activities are maintained and disposed of in a controlled manner. From: August 2013 View pdf This policy describes the provision of support and accommodation to enable students with disabilities to demonstrate their skills and participate in university life. Effective Date: October 2014 View PDF This policy describes the circumstances for individuals outside the university who are appointed to ancillary or visiting positions, permits, and how exemptions are handled. .